Coronavirus in China: Beijing and Shanghai report new cases after easing restrictions

Shanghai local government said China’s largest city reported 22 new locally transmitted asymptomatic coronavirus cases.

Its local symptomatic cases rose to nine from six a day earlier according to health authorities who are closely monitoring the situation in the city.

It comes after Shanghai ended the coronavirus lockdown and lifted restrictions to ease frustration with the ‘zero-COVID’ strategy on its people.

They were greeted by a weary population and struggling traders eager to see life return to normal.

In an authoritarian country where people are reluctant to speak out publicly because of the possible repercussions, some had resisted and staged protests in apartment complexes and college dorms.

Shanghai is not the only city in China to have recorded new cases. The country’s capital, Beijing, also reported 16 new locally transmitted symptomatic coronavirus cases.

A day earlier it had reported 8 cases, meaning the outbreak continues to spread despite security checks to curb it.

In a system that easily punishes them for lax enforcement if outbreaks break out or return, officials tend to err on the side of caution.

Pointing out that sporadic cases are still being detected in some districts, but are within a controllable range, Xu Hejian, a city spokesperson, said, “This series of outbreaks has been effectively contained.” .

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