Company offers drones with electric stun weapons for US schools

A drone company says it’s building drones with electric stun weapons that will fly over schools and “prevent the next Uvalde, Sandy Hook or Columbine.”

Axon, the company that offered to build these drones, pitched the idea to US police. However, reports claim that the majority of board members have resigned in protest against the company’s plan to equip schools with surveillance drones.

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The council said the Taser drone must be “flown with strict controls because there are so many questions that need to be answered about the use of this type of equipment”.

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The board, however, was unhappy with Axon over his decision not to consult with the ethics committee. The development comes even as ten people were killed and several people were injured in four shootings across the United States over the weekend.

In Philadelphia, two men and a woman were killed after people opened fire on a crowd. The recent spate of gun attacks in Buffalo, New York, and at a school in Uvalde, Texas has sparked public anger. Mass shootings also took place at a hospital in Oklahoma and a church in California.

The question shed light on the issue of gun control as US President Joe Biden called on lawmakers to pass tougher gun control laws.

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