Colombian cyclist wins race, celebrations cut short after crashing into wife – WATCH

A professional Colombian cyclist, named Luis Carlos Chia, emerged in the lead during a race, however, his celebrations were cut short, leading to a bizarre incident soon after. At the finish line, he crashed into his wife who was busy taking pictures of her husband’s sweet victory.

It was a hard-fought race that saw Chia finish first and his bike continued to advance through a group of photographers, which also included his wife. Much to her dismay, it crashed into her and caused a serious injury to her life partner.

Here is the video, which went viral in a jiffy:

Shortly after the incident erupted, television commentators immediately captured the collision. However, it was later revealed that the eliminated woman was none other than the eventual winner’s wife, named Claudia Roncancio.

Local reports said Claudia remained under medical observation. In addition, she needed stitches on a head wound.

“I wanted to brake but the bike didn’t respond. I hit my wife, but it might as well have been someone else, Chia told a Colombian newspaper. He further added: “The doctors examined her and more than anything it was shock. She knew there would be a sprint finish and I don’t understand why she didn’t pull away.”

Previously, in February, another such incident occurred involving a cyclist, named Tony Inderbitzin. For the uninitiated, at the time, he was thrown off his bike and then rammed by an unstoppable, angry bull, turning an off-road race, through California in the United States, into utter chaos.

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