Chinese state media attacks ‘absurd’ and ‘xenophobic’ Rubio-Scott plan to limit Chinese oil exports

The Chinese state enterprise world times unleashed a furious tirade on Thursday against the “infamous anti-Chinese Republican American senators Marco Rubio [R-FL] and Rick Scott [R-FL]because they dared to introduce a bill called the China Oil Export Prohibition Act, which would halt US exports of oil and petroleum products to the People’s Republic of China as the United States struggles to bring soaring oil prices under control. fuel.

“As gas prices soar across the country, the Biden administration is allowing half a million barrels of US oil to go to China every day. This is unacceptable. We need to increase US oil production and put domestic consumers first, not send oil to a genocidal regime halfway around the world,” Rubio said. said Wednesday during the presentation of the bill.

“It’s absurd that we continue to export oil to communist China when Americans are paying over $5 a gallon for gasoline here at home,” Scott said.

“In the first three months of 2022 alone, the United States sent nearly 52 million barrels of oil and petroleum to communist China. Meanwhile, families here struggling with skyrocketing prices are being forced to choose between putting gas in their cars and food on the table for their children. Americans must come before sales to Communist China,” Scott said.

The world times spat in outrage at Rubio and Scott, calling them “xenophobic” and accusing them of cynically toying with anti-China sentiment during an election year.

Seeking something else vital to say, Chinese communist propagandists accused Rubio and Scott of trying to direct US ‘grievances’ over soaring inflation against ‘the Democratic Party and China’ .

These grievances don’t seem to require much direction from the two Florida senators, judging by the latest pollsand the world times did little to help President Joe Biden and his party by going through them:

Many factors are causing inflation and soaring energy and fuel prices in the United States, such as labor shortages, the COVID-19 outbreak, the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict , the trade war launched by the United States against China and the cycles of QE of the United States. The United States has only itself to blame for the current inflation problem.

If the US bans oil exports to China, US inflation will rise, ordinary people will suffer more losses, and add additional burden to its national governance. It will turn out that only these politicians will gain political capital. China is one of the largest oil importers in the world. Banning the export of oil and petroleum products from the United States to China would weaken American oil companies, and they will not remain indifferent. Such political calculations by politicians like Rubio and Scott are bound to be unpopular.

The Energy Research Institute (IER) noted on Friday that China “overtakes the United States this year as the world’s largest refiner as government climate targets and regulations push U.S. refiners to close facilities.”

“As additional refinery closures are expected in the United States, China is expected to increase capacity, capping the country’s primary refining capacity at 20 million barrels per day by 2025 and increasing the utilization rates of its refining facilities at over 80%,” IER observed, warning that fuel shortages and rationing are a very real possibility for the United States in the near future, especially diesel fuel on the East Coast.

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