Chinese blogger ‘silent’ after livestreaming ‘tank cake’ footage ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

In another harsh crackdown on the Tiananmen Square massacre, China appears to have silenced a popular blogger. The personality had just live-streamed footage of a cake, which was shaped like a tank. The incident happened just before the anniversary of the June 4 massacre. The question sparked debate among tens of millions of young fans. But even discussion of the 1989 crackdown is banned on the continent. During the massacre, China launched troops and tanks at peaceful protesters in Tiananmen Square.

This blogger is Li Jiaqi, who is now a household name in China. Li was born in 1992. On Friday, Jiaqi appeared to show his millions of viewers an icing cake with chocolate tank-like decorations. Just then, her show was abruptly cut off.

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Since then, Jiaqi hasn’t posted anything. Not only that, some search results for his name have also been censored. On Sunday, he also did not appear for a scheduled show.

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On Monday, social media platform Weibo was full of debates over why the show was discontinued. The hashtags have reached over 100 million views. Users have also raised speculation that Li has been permanently banned from live streaming. The Tiananmen crackdown has been omitted from history textbooks by China.


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