China’s space agency plans to detect and attack asteroids heading towards Earth

In the past, it’s been a staple of sci-fi books and movies to show technologies capable enough to target and destroy Earth-bound asteroids. It looks like it could finally become a reality as China’s space agency announced a new space surveillance and defense system.

According to state-backed media outlet Global Times, China National Space Administration (CSNA) deputy Wu Yanhua said they would attempt to intercept an asteroid moving towards Earth at a speed immense by crashing a spacecraft in its path and he added the mission can be launched by 2025.

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The first target would be an asteroid that could come dangerously close to Earth in 2025 and Yanhua told the Global Times the system would be important in protecting “Earth and humanity”.

The system will include simulation software that can help prepare for possible scenarios and rehearsals will be organized in order to perfect the system before using it in a situation.

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The system will connect both Earth and space as scientists continue to monitor the situation to assess threat levels from various asteroids. By crashing a spacecraft into the approaching asteroid, scientists will seek to alter its trajectory away from planet Earth.

According to the Global Times report, the system is only in the set-up phase and the progress and findings of this system will be thoroughly reviewed before any kind of approval.

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