China’s plan to launch solar power plant in advanced space two years (report)

The Chinese program to launch a solar power plant in space has been brought forward by two years. The plan is to redirect the energy back to Earth, the South China Morning Post reported. The concept is to collect solar energy in outer space by solar energy satellites and then distribute it to planet Earth. Notably, sunlight is brightest outside the atmosphere.

The plan for the first launch of China’s space-based solar power project is now set for 2028. The report adds that testing of the technology used to transmit energy from the power plant will be carried out by a satellite. test in orbit at a distance of about 400 km. .

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According to the SCMP report, the satellite will “convert solar energy into microwaves or lasers and then direct the energy beams to various targets, including fixed locations on Earth and moving satellites.”

China’s plans were detailed in a peer-reviewed article published in the journal Chinese Space Science and Technology.

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Earlier this month, reports surfaced that the UK was apparently planning to build a solar power station in space, reported, adding that the project will use it to beam power back to Earth. using lasers.

The UK Space Energy Initiative was reportedly joined by more than 50 UK organisations, including manufacturer Airbus, the University of Cambridge and satellite manufacturer SSTL. The American space agency NASA had proposed a similar plan, but it did not progress.


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