China Zero-Covid: two neighborhoods sealed off again, while “confinements” continue to haunt Shanghai

Just a day after city-wide Covid restrictions were lifted in Shanghai, China, reports suggest several neighborhoods have been placed under lockdown again. Shanghai lifted its two-month “lockdown” on Wednesday, allowing nearly 23 million “low-risk neighborhoods” of its 25 million residents to venture out of their homes and residential compounds. However, the other two million continued to be confined to their homes, after their areas were designated as “high risk”.

According to a CNN report, Shanghai officials announced at a press conference on Thursday that seven new cases had been detected in two of the city’s districts; Jing’an and Pudong. As a result, four neighborhoods have now been cordoned off and designated as ‘medium risk’.

This means that residents would have to undergo another 14 days of confinement.

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This step was taken as part of China’s Zero-Covid policy and is a reminder that lockdowns, quarantine and mass testing will continue to haunt the lives of the city’s residents.

As the four localities have been sealed off, 26 close contacts of the infected people as well as 106 secondary contacts have also been placed under government quarantine. In addition, 470,000 people had to undergo COVID-19 tests.

It comes as the government issued a guideline for media, ordering them to refrain from using the term ‘end of lockdown’ while describing Shanghai’s reopening.

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Under the new guidelines, businesses and stores have been allowed to reopen, however, residents are required to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours to enter public spaces or use public transport.

While China has declared victory over the Coronavirus in Shanghai, the city’s residents are still struggling in the aftermath of the mismanaged lockdown. There are still many who suffer from the trauma of losing loved ones, income or going hungry for days as a result of strict measures which have even led to food shortages.

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