China ‘strongly opposes’ US-Taiwanese trade initiative

The United States and Taiwan announced the launch of a new initiative to strengthen bilateral relations and deepen economic ties. This appears as a clear challenge for China. Reacting to the same, Beijing said it “strongly” opposes trade talks. Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said the country still opposes any official exchanges between “any country and the Chinese region of Taiwan”.

On Wednesday, June 1, the United States and Taiwan announced the United States-Taiwanese Initiative on 21st Century Trade. The initiative comes a week after a deal announced by United President Joe Biden with 12 Asian economies, which excluded Taiwan. It also did not include China.

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In an online briefing, Feng said, “The United States should carefully manage trade and economic relations with Taiwan to avoid sending the wrong message to Taiwanese separatists.”

On the one hand, China claims Taiwan as part of its territory, on the other, the United States tries to strengthen its influence in the region to counter Beijing.

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As recently, Biden had said the United States would respond “militarily” if China attacked Taiwan. However, no policy change has been announced in this regard.

U.S. officials have said the June 1 talks with Taiwan will not involve tariffs or market access as the items that would require congressional approval.

In a statement, the U.S. Trade Representative said “both parties will work at pace…to develop an ambitious roadmap for negotiations to reach agreements with high-level commitments and economically meaningful outcomes.” .


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