Changing market dynamics

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Nissan Joseph joined Ii Metro Brands in 2021 as the world was still reeling from the impact of COVID and businesses were implementing new ways to reach consumers. The challenge for him here was to lead Metro through these tough times. “What my team and I focused on was putting in place an effective structure that fosters growth and scale and adds leadership talent for sustainability. MBL, under the leadership of the Promoters, has been a very profitable. As a result, the transition has been very smooth for me,” shares Nissan Joseph, CEO of Metro Brands. Leading from the front, setting an example for the team and empowering people to become leaders has been the operating style of this retail veteran.

Nissan Joseph, CEO of Metro Brands

Over the past quarters, both offline and online platforms have performed well. Going forward, he will focus more on building strength and capabilities in the key operational verticals of Sourcing, Business Development and Stores People Development. “The main focus will be on finding a healthy balance between our online and in-store sales while prioritizing the customer experience across all platforms,” adds Joseph.

Speaking of the changing dynamics and the agility required, Joseph says, We have daily morning meetings where all key decision makers update us in their respective fields and make quick decisions based on market conditions. This agility ensures that we are constantly ready to adapt and react to changing conditions. We are also increasingly looking at the deployment of technology and capitalizing on innovative ways to run the business.”

COVID has been the greatest test of faith and endurance. There was no playbook or precedent to refer to. Difficult decisions had to be made quickly and that too with empathy and a high emotional quotient (EQ). Communication had to be open and transparent so that teams felt included and not excluded. It was important to admit that no one really knew how and when this would end. Joseph took it one day at a time and was open about the unknowns with the teams. He sought their support, understanding and ideas through it all.

Talking about his work hacks, Joseph mentions, “The best productivity hack is starting my day early and cleaning out my mailbox by 4:30 a.m. This frees up a lot of my time to focus on my daily priority list. I also tend to group my emails together in conversation mode so I can quickly view an entire thread in one go.Multimedia podcasts have been a great tool for listening to the news on the go.With so many interesting conversations available on a variety of topics ranging from aviation technology to the latest HR developments, it’s my favorite way to stay up to date.”

Joseph is one of those CEOs who believes that collaboration, communication, and engagement are best achieved when people work together physically. It also advocates how a desktop setup increases the speed of communication and decisions.

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Age: 58 years old

Year of joining the current organization: 2021

Total team size: 4000

· Revenue of the organization: For the first half of FY23, it was ₹984 crore

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