‘Buy YouTube too’: Elon Musk’s salvo on the video platform sparks bizarre speculation

Does Elon Musk Consider Buying YouTube? Social media users have gone wild after Musk’s latest Twitter post was linked to the online video-sharing site. Prior to the Twitter deal (which is yet to be finalized), he posted a similar tweet. Now, taking inspiration, Twitterati has come up with some bizarre speculations.

In his latest post, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted about ads on the video streaming platform. He shared a meme targeting YouTube’s policy of reporting swear words vs. policy against fraudulent ads.

Musk also tweeted, “YouTube seems like non-stop scam ads.”

See the post here:


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In the comments section, social media users suggested Musk buy YouTube. One user wrote, “Why do I have a feeling Elon is going to cancel his offer on Twitter only to offer YouTube the $46 billion, then push them to disclose their spam and bots, and ultimately bail them out and report them to the SEC? for misleading information. Classic Elon”

Another user wrote: “Buy YouTube please Elon”. One user said, “Buy it and fix it.”

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What happened to the Twitter deal?

Recently, Musk warned Twitter Inc that it could walk away from its $44 billion deal to acquire the social media company if it didn’t provide the spam and fake account data it seeks.

In a letter, Musk’s lawyers warned Twitter’s chief legal officer, Vijaya Gadde. The letter accused Twitter of being in “material breach” of its obligations under the agreement.


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