British reporter missing, companion’s belongings found in Brazil, cops say

Finally, police have made progress in the search for missing British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira. The belongings of the scribe and his companion have been found by search teams, Brazilian police said on Sunday. Since last week, the duo had disappeared in the Amazon rainforest. The clothes, which belonged to Pereira, were found along with his medical ID, a backpack with Phillips’ clothes and the two men’s boots, police said in a statement. The Equinox backpack, which contained clothing and a laptop, was discovered tied to a half-buried tree trunk in the area where the duo were last seen on Sunday, a firefighter in charge said from a research team to the media.

To find the missing men, around 150 soldiers had been deployed via river boats. They also interview residents. Indigenous search teams are also searching for the pair for a week. The pair appeared to have taken a reporting trip to the remote jungle, where the world’s largest number of uncontacted natives reside. In this region of lawlessness, gangs of cocaine traffickers, miners, illegal loggers, etc. bloom.


Earlier, Brazilian police said on Friday that search teams had found “apparently human” remains in the river where the British journalist was last seen in the Amazon rainforest. This may be one of the biggest breaks in the survey to date. Federal police said the “organic material” was being sent for forensic analysis. Blood found on a suspect’s boat, which will be compared to journalist Dom Phillips’ genetic material, will also be sent for forensic analysis.

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