British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wins vote of confidence, ‘partygate’ fails to oust him

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won the crucial vote of confidence in the British Parliament. The vote was triggered by his own conservative party on “partygate”; booze-fueled parties were held at Johnson’s Downing Street residence while much of Britain was under strict Covid lockdown. The door to the party had caused a big backlash against Boris Johnson. The British Prime Minister had to apologize to parliament several times.

Johnson won the support of 211 MPs while 148 MPs said they did not trust him.

Johnson’s position appeared perilous ahead of the vote as several Tory MPs had submitted letters calling on Johnson to step down as prime minister. However, he seems to have averted the danger to his position.

A total of 180 votes were enough to ensure Johnson’s survival.

Reuters had reported ahead of the vote that Johnson had the backing of 145 Tory MPs.

Things looked tough for Johnson as the “partygate scandal” had tarnished his public image. He was booed in a ceremony two days ago during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Johnson had tried to keep a brave face as the vote of confidence approached

A spokesman for Johnson’s Downing Street office had said the vote would ‘allow the Government to draw a line and move forward’ and that the Prime Minister welcomed the opportunity to make his case to legislators.

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