Biden, in a rare rebuke, “wishes” Musk “good luck with his trip to the moon,” gets “Thank you, Mr. President!” in response

Just a day after Elon Musk’s email to Tesla executives leaked about a 10% job cut and how he feels “super bad” about the US economy, the president American Joe Biden, in what could be seen as a rare rebuke, replied “Much luck on his trip to the Moon”. Biden made the remark while addressing the press on stronger-than-expected job growth in the United States in May, as he also brushed off criticism of his handling of inflation.

President Biden and the CEO of Tesla have had a long, frosty relationship. Musk has complained in the past that the Viden administration had “done everything they could to sideline and ignore Tesla.”

When asked by reporters on Friday to comment on Musk’s comments on the US economy, the president said that while the Tesla CEO spoke about companies such as Ford looking to hire more people then that they were investing in electric vehicles.

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“While Elon Musk talks about it, Ford is massively increasing its investments,” Biden said.

“Ford is increasing investment and building new electric vehicles. Six thousand new employees, union employees, I might add, in the Midwest.”

“The old Chrysler Corporation is also making similar investments in electric vehicles. Intel is creating 20,000 new computer chip manufacturing jobs. So, you know, good luck on its trip to the moon.”

Following Biden’s “wishes”, billionaire Musk tweeted “Thank you Mr President!” adding to his tweet a link to NASA’s April 2021 award of a $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX to develop a vehicle to carry astronauts to the Moon.

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On Thursday, Musk wrote in an email to Tesla executives that he had a bad feeling about the economy and that the company needed to cut 10% of jobs.

Inflation in the United States is near 40-year highs, leading to a significant increase in the cost of living for Americans. However, the US president said he believes the latest set of strong jobs numbers show the US can weather inflation while maintaining healthy economic growth.

Underscoring the sustainability of the US economy in the face of rising consumer costs, Biden remarked, “We have laid a historically strong economic foundation.”

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