Believe it or not: too many bird feeders can land you in jail in the US

In the past three weeks, a man in the United States has been arrested by authorities for the third time. No, he’s not an outright criminal. The only crime he committed was that he had several bird feeder trays in his lawn in Sodus Point, New York. The man, Donald Antal, 71, appears to have placed nearly two dozen bird feeders on his property. Several neighbors appear to have complained about this violation of Sodus Point Village Local Ordinance 57-6B(1), according to local media. The man repeatedly violated local codes. In the feed trays in his yard, Antal places birdseed and peanuts, which attract lots of birds, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

According to local laws, each household is allowed to have two feeders. They should also be elevated at least five feet off the ground, according to an ABC-affiliated 13WHAM report.


Previously, Antal had been charged with illegally feeding wild animals and released on a ticket. The incident sparked outrage on social media. Several Internet users are wondering about the arrest of Antal.

“Finally found something the cops are good for; Arresting old people for having too many bird feeders,” one user posted on a Reddit forum while discussing Antal’s arrest.

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