Beijing: “China will certainly not hesitate to start a war” against Taiwan

Chinese Communist Party officials stepped up their rhetoric on conquering Taiwan on Friday, vowing armed conflict with any nation that interferes in its territorial dispute with the island.

“If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will certainly not hesitate to start a war, no matter what the cost,” Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe was quoted as saying by the door. – Defense Spokesman Wu Qian and reported by Epoch Times.

Wei’s statement came during a tense meeting between him and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at the Shangri La Dialogue defense summit in Singapore.

The Taipei-based Republic of China and the Beijing-centric People’s Republic of China adhere to the “one China principle”, recognizing the existence of a single Chinese polity, although they dispute which government rightfully holds this position. .

The Republic of China has not officially declared independence from the mainland, and Beijing considers the island to be under separatist occupation. Taiwan became part of the Republic of China in 1945 and was never directly administered by the communist regime in Beijing.

A Pentagon statement said the United States continued to support the diplomatic status quo between China and Taiwan, but opposed any Chinese effort to forcibly occupy the island. “The Secretary reiterated to General Wei that the United States remains committed to our long-standing one-China policy, which is guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the Three Joint U.S.-China Communiques, and the Six Assurances “, reads the press release. “The Secretary reaffirmed the importance of peace and stability across the Strait, opposition to unilateral changes to the status quo, and called on the PRC to refrain from further destabilizing actions toward Taiwan.”

China has been pressuring the Taiwanese government with airspace penetrations and belligerent rhetoric for years, but both have increased dramatically amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which some observe Beijing sees as a litmus test for its own military operation against Taiwan.

President Joe Biden in late May said the US military would intervene in any Chinese effort to take the island.

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