BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly ends all speculation and reveals new initiative with fans

The mysterious tweet of Sourav Ganguly, Wednesday, June 01, had aroused speculation of all kinds about his future at the head of the BCCI. He finally opened up about his recent post and put all the rumors to rest by revealing his new initiative with fans.

It all started on Wednesday night when the BCCI chief’s cryptic tweet left many feeling that the Ganguly is about to step down as chairman of the Indian Cricket Board and join politics. Later that evening, the Prince of Bengal reportedly said he was launching a new educational app. On Thursday afternoon (June 2), Ganguly revealed that he launched an edu-tech app, known as “Classplus”, which will give educators, teachers and coaches a platform to monetize their content.

“Share my new initiative with all educators, teachers and coaches and give me the opportunity to help them grow. Link in bio. I am grateful to @ClassplusApps for helping me,” Ganguly wrote on Twitter.

His message read: “I get a lot of questions about my previous message. For a while I thought of a group of people who selflessly helped our society and made India greater every day.

IPL gave us amazing players but what inspires me even more is the amount of sweat and blood the coaches of all these players put into their success. This is not only true for cricket but also for all other fields like academics, football, music etc. I am lucky to have all the coaches who have made me who I am today.

For ages, we’ve honored successful actors, gamers, and CEOs for the great work they’ve done. It is time we glorify the real heroes, their COACHES and EDUCATORS.

I want to do something for all coaches, educators and teachers around the world. From today, I will work actively to support them all by being their ambassador.

I am grateful to Classplus for helping me in my vision. I hope this new initiative will help them all :),” the former Indian skipper wrote in a series of tweets.

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So Ganguly finally managed to put to rest all sorts of rumors that had surfaced online after his cryptic tweet left netizens stumped on Wednesday. Many were considering his resignation as chairman of BCCI and had anticipated his debut in Indian politics.

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