Bannon threatens to impeach ‘everyone’ if Jan. 6 hearings lead to criminal charges against Trump

Former Trump administration adviser and alt-right figure Steve Bannon has threatened to fire ‘everyone at the DoJ’ after it was suggested his former boss could be indicted for his alleged role in the Capitol Riot of January 6.

The inflammatory comments were made by the conservative podcast host on his “War Room: Pandemic” show ahead of the House Select Committee’s second public hearing on Jan. 6, which is scheduled to begin Monday at 10 a.m. EST.

In the clip, which was shared by attorney Ron Filipkowski late Sunday night, the far-right agitator clarifies that he will go after ‘everyone’ at the DoJ with impeachments, including the attorney general. Merrick Garland.

“Trump won the presidency. And he’s the legitimate president of the United States and your guy is illegitimate, and the American people are waking up to that,” the former Trump adviser began, alluding to the ex-president’s “big lie” according to which the 2020 election was robbed by unproven allegations. electoral fraud.

“And we don’t care what you have to say and I dare Merrick Garland to take this shit last night and try to indict Donald J Trump. We dare you. Because we’re going to impeach. We win in November and we are going to impeach you and everyone around you.

Before delivering an expletive addressed to the DoJ, Mr. Bannon then closed the clip by stating: “Aim for the White House. We’re going to remove you and everyone at the DoJ!”

In recent days, members of the Jan. 6 committee have appeared on weekend news programs to say they have found enough evidence to indict Mr. Trump for his 2020 election invalidation claims.

Rep. Adam Schiff said during his appearance on ABC News that the Justice Department should seriously start considering putting Mr. Trump to a jury for his ties to the violent mob that descended on Capitol Hill in January 2021.

“Once the evidence has been accumulated, the Justice Department must decide whether it can prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the president or anyone else,” Schiff said on ABC News. “But they should be investigated if there is credible evidence, which I think there is.” He added: “I would like to see the Department of Justice investigate any credible allegations of criminal activity on the part of Donald Trump… There are certain actions, parts of these different lines of effort to undo the election that I don’t see. evidence the Department of Justice is investigating.

Mr. Bannon is watching his own criminal trial with the Justice Department, which is expected to begin next month in Washington, DC. The former president’s once-trusted adviser is due to appear before a judge in a criminal contempt of Congress case the DoJ brought against him last fall for failing to comply with the committee’s subpoena on 6 January.

For his part, Mr. Bannon continued to plead not guilty.

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