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Attack on US Capitol was an ‘attempted coup’, commission of inquiry says

The head of the US congressional committee investigating the deadly Capitol riots said the attack was “the culmination of an attempted coup”. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the committee, was speaking at a public hearing that was widely broadcast live across America in prime time on June 9.

The attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 was carried out by supporters of former US President Donald Trump after his sustained campaign claimed his defeat in the 2020 US election was a “fraud”. Trump had addressed his supporters shortly before the attack. At the time of the attack, US lawmakers from both parties were certifying US President Joe Biden’s victory. The attack prompted the evacuation of the building.

In his opening statement, House Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson warned that the plot was not over.

“The conspiracy to thwart the will of the people is not over,” he said.

“There are people in this country who crave power but have no love or respect for what makes America great: dedication to the Constitution, allegiance to the rule of law, our common journey to build a more perfect Union.” he said.

During the hearing, the committee presented the first findings of a year-long investigation into the assault – and sought to outline a deep-rooted and ongoing plot to undermine the US Constitution and undo the defeat. Donald Trump election.

In the coming days, the committee will reveal “unreleased footage” related to the attack and release more details.

Trump defiantly dismissed the investigation as a baseless ‘witch hunt’ – but public hearings were clearly on his mind on Thursday as he launched into a largely false tirade on his social media platform, defending the insurgency as “the greatest movement in history”. of our country to make America great.”

The case the committee plans to make is that Trump laid the groundwork for the insurgency through months of lies about fraud in an election described by his own administration as the safest ever.

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