As a first step, the Netherlands will propose legislation to legalize working from home

To make working from home (WFH) a legal right, two Dutch legislators have proposed legislation. If this law is passed, the country will become one of the first in the world to adopt such legislation. This rule will allow for remote work flexibility for multiple industries. Steven van Weyenberg, a member of the pro-European D-66 party, and Senna Maatoug, a Green Party MP, will present the legislation to parliament, Weyenberg told Bloomberg on Wednesday. The two leaders will submit the proposal before the house leaves for summer vacation on July 3.

“We have the green light for this new law, thanks to the support we have received from employee and employer unions. We are hopeful that will pass before the summer,” Weyenberg said.


WFH has been the new normal during a pandemic. Some of us may like it and some may not. But it has its own pros and cons.

With the monkeypox outbreak declared a pandemic by the Global Health Network (WHN), working from home can keep many people safe. WHN is an independent coalition of scientists formed to combat the COVID-19 threat.

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