‘Apparently human’ remains found where British journalist disappeared: Brazilian police

Brazilian police said on Friday search teams had found “apparently human” remains in the river where a British journalist was last seen in the Amazon rainforest. This is perhaps the biggest break to date in the five-day survey.

Federal police said the “organic material” was being sent for forensic analysis. Blood found on a suspect’s boat, which will be compared to journalist Dom Phillips’ genetic material, will also be sent for forensic analysis. Phillips was accompanied by a fellow traveler, indigenous expert Bruno Pereira.

A Brazilian judge had ordered the suspect, a fisherman charged with illegal possession of restricted ammunition, to be detained for an additional 30 days while police investigate whether he is involved, according to a lawyer for a local indigenous group.

State Judge Jacinta Silva dos Santos said the proceedings are under seal and she could not say if further hearings were scheduled for fisherman Amarildo da Costa, known locally as “Pelado.”

Police said Costa was one of the last people to see Phillips and Pereira on Sunday, when they disappeared after visiting the riverside fishing community of Sao Gabriel.

Eliesio Morubo, the lawyer for the Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley (UNIVAJA), said the judge had agreed to keep the fisherman in jail for 30 days because the case involved a possible ‘heinous crime’ such as murder and concealment of bodies.

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