‘Apparently drunk’, Rudy Giuliani advised Trump to claim victory prematurely, Liz Cheney says

Representative Liz Cheney said during the second round of hearings investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol that an “apparently drunk” Rudy Giuliani advised former President Donald Trump to declare victory on election night in 2020, despite campaign advisers telling him not to. .

The committee vice chair made the revelations in her opening remarks on Monday, explaining how Mr Trump’s campaign advisers told him to wait for the vote count and not declare victory on election night.

“The President understood, even before the election, that many more Biden voters voted by mail because President Trump ignored the advice of his campaign experts and told his supporters to only vote in person. “, she said. Ms. Cheney said Mr. Trump knew the counting of mail-in ballots would not begin until much later.

“It was expected, reported and widely known,” she said. She added that Mr Trump rejected the advice of his campaign experts on election night.

“And instead I took the course recommended by a seemingly drunk Rudy Giuliani to just pretend he won,” she said.

The select committee also released video testimony from former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller, who said Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, drank too much on election night.

“The mayor was definitely drunk, but I don’t know his level of drunkenness when he spoke to the president,” Mr Miller said when asked. “There were suggestions, I believe it was Mayor Giuliani to go and declare victory and say we won it.”

Mr Miller added that it was unwise to declare victory until the campaign had a better idea of ​​the numbers regarding the election results.

Mr. Giuliani said in his video testimony that he spoke to the president.

Video testimony from Bill Stepien, who was Mr Trump’s campaign adviser and was due to testify before the committee before his wife went into labor, said it was far too early to declare victory.

“The ballots were still being counted, the ballots were still going to be counted for days, and it was far too early to make such a proclamation,” he said.

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