Angry Azealia Banks Storms Miami Pride Month Performance, Throws Microphone At Crowd

Things didn’t go as planned for rapper Azealia Banks at the annual Wynnwood Pride event in Miami on Friday. The American artist was booed by the crowd after throwing his microphone and leaving the stage.

According to reports, the crowd wasn’t happy with the rapper because she was late to the event and the rapper was furious with the organizers for being “unprofessional.”

The controversial 31-year-old rapper caused a stir on stage on Friday night complaining about the event organizers’ alleged lack of professionalism. She seemed upset with the organizers and expressed her thoughts on stage mid-performance.

On stage, she was seen saying, “For a good month, like, a month and a half, I just got fucked. I got fucked, you know” The time was moved and like , ‘Oh, you’re the headliner. No, you’re not the headliner. Now you’re not that. “I’m really not happy to be here.”

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Some people seemed to sympathize with the rapper throughout the rant, but others didn’t and seemed rather frustrated. Boos erupted after the crew muted her mic and threw it away before leaving the stage. In a viral video, a fan is seen throwing a drink at Banks during her dramatic exit.

Banks later spoke about the incident on Twitter. Blaming the show’s promoters for a number of issues, she wrote, “Wynwood Pride was way too ghetto. Had to bounce back.” His account is now suspended from Twitter.

Meanwhile, the rapper is being trolled online for her choice of clothes for the Pride Month performance. Many are calling out Banks for being drunk during the performance.

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