After the United States, Britain will now send multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine

As part of continued support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion, Britain will send multiple launch rocket systems to Kyiv, British government officials said on Monday. This rocket system can hit targets that are up to 80 km away, according to media reports. As Russia’s tactics have evolved, British support for Ukraine is also changing, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, while speaking about the announcement of the proposed shipment of M270 multiple launch systems to the ‘Ukraine. In a statement, Wallace said: “These high-performance multiple-launch rocket systems will allow our Ukrainian friends to better protect themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery, than the forces of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin have used indiscriminately to raze cities.”

Not only that, Britain will also train Ukrainian troops on how to use the new launchers in the UK, the government added.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged on Sunday June 5 to strike harder if longer-range missiles were supplied to Ukraine.

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Accusing the West of “prolonging the conflict”, Putin boasted that Russian anti-aircraft forces shot down dozens of Ukrainian weapons and “crack them like nuts”. Putin reportedly said in an excerpt from an interview with the state-run Rossiya-1 TV channel that if the United States starts supplying Ukraine with longer-range missiles, “we will hit the targets that we don’t have still affected”.

“We understand that this supply (of advanced rocket systems) from the United States and some other countries is intended to compensate for the losses of this military equipment,” Putin said. “It’s not new. It doesn’t change anything fundamentally,” he added.

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To hit troops and weapon stocks in the rear of Russian forces, Ukraine has been researching Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) such as the M270 and M142 HIMARS, which is a mobile unit capable of simultaneously launching several precision-guided missiles up to 80 kilometers. (50 miles) away.

After receiving assurances from Kyiv that he would not use them to hit targets inside Russia, US President Joe Biden this week announced plans to equip Ukraine with precision HIMARS rocket systems.

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