After 91 years, a black teenager executed for the murder of a white woman declared innocent by a US court

In a major development, an African-American teenager, who was executed for the murder of a white woman in 1931, was found innocent by a court in the US state of Pennsylvania this week, media reported. The exoneration came after decades of struggle by her only surviving sister. At the time of the hearing, a white jury had convicted 16-year-old Alexander McClay Williams in just four hours. In the US state of Pennsylvania, Williams is still the youngest person to be put to death.

Now, after 91 years, the case has been dismissed by the county judge. “I’m just happy that it finally happened the way it should have happened in the beginning. We just wanted it overturned because we knew he was innocent, and now we want everyone to know that too,” Susie Williams-Carter, Williams’ 92-year-old sister, told Philadelphia. Inquire Thursday.


Vida Robare, white matron, Glen Mills School was found murdered by her ex-husband Fred Robare on October 3, 1930. Glen Mills School is the detention center for young offenders. Vida was “brutally murdered” in her cottage on the center’s premises, according to the prosecutor’s statement. Fred also worked at the same school.

Williams, who was already serving an indeterminate sentence at the facility, was charged with the crime. Without the presence of a lawyer or a relative, he was interrogated five times. Three confessions were also signed by him “despite the absence of eyewitnesses or direct evidence implicating him,” the statement continued.

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