A man addicted to Pepsi drank 10 liters a day for two decades and spent $8,500 a year on drinks in the UK

A man, who appears to have been addicted to Pepsi, claimed to have drunk around 30 cans a day for 20 years. The man, who works in a supermarket in the UK, appears to have spent around $8,500 a year on the drink. He said he finally kicked the habit with the help of hypnotherapy. Andy Currie, now 41, drank a liter of the drink in the morning and about nine liters more during the day, according to Newsweek.

Since developing the addiction in his twenties, the man has taken around 219,000 cans of the pop. Thus, he sipped nearly 8,000 kg of sugar thanks to Pepsi. Currie said: “I’ve always loved the taste of a cold Pepsi. Nothing could beat it and I just got hooked. I work nights, so I’ve always liked the sugar rush to keep me going. I drank four or five two-liter bottles of Pepsi every day. Because I work at Tesco, I could just buy it right after work and take it home.”

Not only that, the man seems to have spent around $25 a day on Pepsi. It amounts to around $8,500 per year, depending on the outlet. After the man’s body weight reached 266 pounds, he realized it was time to get the habit under control. Doctors also warned him that he was at risk of developing diabetes. Now he has managed to lose 28 pounds with exercise and diet.

He also took the help of therapist and hypnotist David Kilmurry in London. Kilmurry said Currie suffered from avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). Within one session, he felt fine and started drinking water instead of Pepsi.

Within a month, he lost an additional 14 pounds, according to Newsweek. Currie claimed: ‘I haven’t touched them (Pepsi cans) in a month and have no intention of doing so. I prefer water now. My wife Sarah says my skin looks better and I have so much more energy. “It was by far the worst sugar addiction I have ever heard of,” Kilmurry added.

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