A “boss from hell” penalizes his employees for being one minute late

We’ve all worked in places with bosses from hell, those who make your life hell and your personal time non-existent, but have you ever had an employer who penalized you for being just a minute late for work? An employer has come under fire online after a former employee revealed an unusual rule that penalizes employees for arriving one minute late for work. Speaking to the Reddit forum r/antiwork, the former employee posted a notice stating that employees would be fined “for every minute late for work” and that employees would “be required to work 10 minutes after 6 p.m. ” as a punishment.

He goes on to say, “For example, if you arrive at 10:02 a.m., you will need to stay an additional 20 minutes until 6:20 p.m. Thanks.”

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User u/MinionsAndWineMum posted a picture of a piece of paper their former boss printed off detailing the new workplace rule, along with the caption: “Shout worst place I’ve ever worked (minimum wage , sure)”.

The post quickly went viral, garnering over 70,000 upvotes and over 5,000 comments from shocked Reddit users.

One of the users commented, “Please post this sign as a photo on their Google reviews!”. Others said they would ignore the rule and leave on time anyway, while others said the boss would quickly lose employees if they were forced into unpaid work.

Another observed that even coffee and bathroom breaks could lead to overtime “Every minute you go out for a coffee? 10 extra minutes. Every minute you go to the bathroom? Yes, 10 extra minutes. Every minute of overtime You better believe, 10 minutes of overtime.”

“If you show up at 9:58 do you leave at 5:40?” asked another. If being one minute late means staying late for 20 minutes, then being early should mean you can leave early.


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