12-Week-Old Puppy Undergoes Surgery After Swallowing 20 Coins From Owner’s Purse

A 12-week-old Bichon Frize cross puppy named Daisy underwent emergency surgery after X-rays revealed she had swallowed 20 pieces of her owner’s missing handbag. The pup was taken to the vet after he stopped eating properly and started vomiting several times, The Guardian reported.

“I couldn’t believe it when PDSA rang to tell me Daisy had swallowed so many coins. My purse was missing, and we looked everywhere for it, not thinking Daisy was the culprit who had gotten away with it,” the Guardian quoted Daisy’s owner, Ivana from Derby.

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X-rays carried out revealed shocking images showing the pup had swallowed a variety of coins, including three 1ps, three 5ps, two 20ps and two £1 coins, totaling £2.68.

Veterinary nurse Sally Frith, who works at Derby PDSA Pet Hospital, told the Guardian: “Daisy broke a new record; we couldn’t believe how many pieces she managed to eat, especially for one such a little pup.”

“The parts had caused a blockage which, if left, could have been fatal, so it’s a good job that her owner brought her to the PDSA when she did.”

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The UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA, said Daisy had been examined and vets could identify her stomach as the cause of her pain. This raised suspicion of blockage, so she was sedated and then X-rayed to gather conclusive results.

“I had no idea a puppy would even eat that kind of thing, and we were all beside ourselves with worry and so scared of losing her. My four-year-old daughter is Daisy’s best friend, and she was very upset,” Daisy’s owner Ivana added.

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The PDSA said Daisy’s operation was successful and she was sent home with painkillers and antibiotics the following day.

“Daisy has returned for checkups, and we are delighted that she is recovering and healing well,” added veterinary nurse Sally Frith.


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