1/6 Committee to send ‘criminal reference’ to DOJ for Trump

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin predicted on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday that the House select committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot would make a criminal referral to the Justice Department for the former President Donald Trump.

Hostin said, “I really think people pay attention to ratings.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “Yeah.”

Hostin said: “We know 20 million people watched Thursday’s hearing. We know that at least 10 million people — not all the numbers are there — watched the next round of hearings, right? There are more hearings to come. I think there will be criminal references. I think there will be a criminal referral for the twice impeached disgraced former president.

Goldberg said, “Okay.”

Hostin said: “I think it will matter. These people, these 100 winners of the GOP primary, won without voters knowing that voter fraud was a big lie.

Goldberg said, “Yeah.”

Hostin said, “I think people will be better informed, so I agree with Joy. We don’t know this red wave is coming because this red wave is based on a big lie, and people know it. The other thing is you talk about inflation, right? You talk about formula shortages and gas prices, and people are going to be upset with Biden for that, but the bottom line is that there are solutions to that, and Biden has been pushing solutions. Senate Democrats pushed for solutions. House Democrats pushed for solutions. Republicans, in every turn, voted against these solutions so they could campaign on the issues you’re talking about. They voted against it so we can’t fix these issues that affect ordinary Americans. I think that’s disgusting of your party.

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